Lara Stewart

How to Recycle Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards contain mercury which can damage the environment, as well as other substances that do not break down on their own, which means that they should be kept out of landfills. Learn how to recycle printed circuit boards to prevent pollution.

How to Recycle Packing Peanuts

Most packing peanuts are made from plastic foam. This foam does not biodegrade, and often winds up in landfills. Learn how to recycle packing peanuts in order to do your part of keep them out of the waste stream.

Are Recycled Rubber Mats Unhealthy?

The rubber used in recycled rubber mats comes from tires, which contain a number of dangerous chemicals. In this article, read about the latest research concerning the safety of recycled rubber mats.

Using Environmentally Friendly Antifreeze

Environmentally friendly antifreeze can help you protect children, pets and wildlife from exposure to toxins. Learn how to pick the right antifreeze and how to ensure that you dispose of your old antifreeze safely.

What Uses Are There For Recycled Aluminum?

What uses are there for recycled aluminum? Many people know that aluminum can be recycled, but did you know that the uses of recycled aluminum extend far beyond beverage cans? Read on to find more products made from recycled aluminum and where to find them online.