How to Create an Easter Card in Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 has hundreds of built-in templates for you to use, including holiday greeting card templates. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a personalized holiday greeting card using one of Word 2007’s built-in greeting card templates.

How to Indent Paragraphs in Microsoft Word Documents

Learn how to use the indent markers on Microsoft Word’s ruler bar to indent paragraphs in your Word documents. Learn the benefits of using Microsoft Word indent markers as opposed to using the tab key for indenting paragraphs. This works for any version of Microsoft Word, even Word 2007.

How to Adjust the Columns in a Microsoft Word Table

Learn the different ways that column widths can be adjusted when working with Microsoft Word tables. Columns in Word tables are designed to automatically adjust by default. But you can turn this feature off, as well as apply your own column width options to your Word tables.