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Top 5 Sony HDR SR11 Batteries

Finding batteries for your camcorder does not have to hard. If you are familiar with battery brands, you probably know which ones work best for you. Learn what options Amazon has to offer for your Sony.

Best External Microphone for Sony HDR SR8

Sony HDT SR8 microphones can be mounted directly on the camcorder or they can provide wireless transmission of sound from a distance. This gives you a variety of options for different shooting conditions. However, there are a number of options when picking one out. Let us help you find the best mic.

Top 5 Voice Synthesizer Applications

Vocal synthesizers are not just for reading text out loud for the disabled anymore. They have become so advanced that they can now be used as voice talents in films or singers for music production.

Top 5 Digital Synthesizer Keyboards

Digital keyboard synthesizers can give you both unique digital sounds or digitally recreated analog sounds. It is not just about the kind of sound you want to create, but it is also about how you want to mix and deliver it to your audience.

Best 5 Lookbook Accessories

Shopping around for accessories for the Lookbook can be quite hard if you are looking for items specifically designed for the device. There are universal e-book reader products out there that work perfectly with the Lookbook so those are the products you want.

Kobo Covers Buying Guide

Kobo cases should be specifically designed to fit the device. A perfect fit means it can be carried easily while providing maximum protection. Find out which ones are worth your money in this roundup of the best options.