Kristie Lorette

How to Plan Successful Cooperative Yard Sales

Cooperative yard sales can be a highly productive and lucrative way for groups of people to sell their stuff as other people’s treasures. With so many individuals involved in the yard sale, it is imperative to get organized and stay organized from the beginning to the end.

4 Top Ideas for Handmande Birthday Presents

Giving a handmade birthday present may be just the right way to show the gift recipient how much you care. Discover some ideas for handmade birthday presents you can make and give to your friends, family, and co-workers on that special occasion to help you save money.

Ideas for a Special 80th Birthday Present

An 80th birthday is a big milestone in life to reach. Celebrate this milestone by giving a special birthday gift to the person who is celebrating turning 80. Here, you’ll find a sampling of unusual 80th birthday present for that special someone.