Kristie Lorette

3 Fun Ways to Track Sales Goals

If you’re tired of setting sales goals the corporate way every sales period, you have come to the right place. When you discover some exciting ways to set and track the progress of your sales goals, not only does it take the ho-hum out of your day, but it may also give you the motivation you need.

Should Your Business Accept PayPal?

If you are looking for an easy and fast way to start accepting credit card payments from your customers, then PayPal may be the way to go. Learn the pros and cons of using PayPal so you can determine if it is the right choice for your business.

5 Ways for Negotiating Student Loan Debt

If you are preparing to enter into the negotiating process with your student loan lender, you better go in prepared. Learn the primary reasons lenders allow you to renegotiate your students loans, make sure you fit the bill and then uncover your options.

Build Retirement Income Now so You’re Ready for Later

Do you dream of spending days traveling around the world, reading or doing your favorite hobby as you live out your retirement years? Sure, everyone does. In order to live out your retirement the way you want, you have to start planning for it financially now. Learn 10 ways you can proactively plan.

Discover the Average Retirement Income in the USA

The average retirement income in the USA is typically a percentage of the income that you make during your working years. Fortunately, there are calculators and tools you can use to estimate if you are heading in the right direction with your investment and future income to have enough to live on.