Angelique de la Morreaux

How to Use Photography Framed Art Technique In Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think how much it would be framed. By learning a photography framed art technique, you create visual interest in your photos and turn them into art. Plan a natural frame as you shoot the picture or create one while editing. So simple to do, yet worth so much.

High Fashion Wedding Photography: Tips & Techniques

Art meets fashion in high fashion wedding photography. Transform yourself into a high fashion model and learn artistic poses that convey an emotional story within one wedding image. Transform yourself into the photo perfect bridal model that looks like she stepped out from a bridal magazine shoot.

The Best Tips for Shooting a Photo Essay.

Use your photographs to tell a story, as you learn to set a scene, create visual interest and make an impression with these tips for shooting a photo essay. Improve your ability to shoot photographs as your learn to recognize lighting conditions and different shooting techniques.