What Kinds of Taxes Do Businesses Have to Pay? Part One

As a prospective entrepreneur or current small business owner, you may wonder what kinds of taxes do businesses have to pay. Business taxes are a necessary part of doing business, and while some variations exist based on location and type of business, there are four primary forms of taxes.

Top 10 Accredited Colleges for Fast or Accelerated Degrees

Busy lifestyles sometimes make it difficult for adult learners to pursue higher education. However, the top 10 accredited colleges for fast degrees provide students with options to earn accelerated degrees in less time than traditional degrees. Regional accreditation validates these fast degrees.

Explaining What a Vision Statement Does for a Company

Companies should understand the importance of a vision statement for the current health and future direction of the company. While a business plan and a mission statement provide a firm foundation and cohesive structure for a company, a vision statement sets the course for its long-term success.

Importance of Market Research For New & Existing Businesses

Among the essential business development tools every entrepreneur should implement is market research. Established businesses, as well, count on marketing research to keep them informed about their “health” and future. Conducting effective marketing research is a crucial step for any business.

Paying Back College Loans: When to Start and Learning the Terms

If you didn’t pay outright or receive scholarships for your college expenses, chances are you used student loans to allow you to pursue higher education. It is important to consider the time frame of when you must begin repaying your student loans either if you quit or after you graduate.

Free Sample of a Bill of Sale Form, Templates & More

Instead of your word and a handshake, as previous generations conducted business, you should use a bill of sale form. Include names of the buyer and seller, and details about the sales transaction on a bill of sale template. For optimal assurance, “get it in writing” to protect both parties.

Which Christian Colleges Financial Aid

If you wonder which Christian colleges financial aid programs would meet your needs, this article provides a list of ten that provide such assistance. Most students today are unable to attend college without some form of financial aid assistance, such as student loans, grants, or scholarships.

Challenges of Waiting to Start a Family Unit After College

Two of life’s key decisions during young adulthood, are choosing to go to college and starting a family. You may identify challenges of waiting to start a family unit after college, or you may want to pursue your college degree now. Explore all your options before you make your decision.

Taking Notes for a Research Paper: What You Need to Succeed!

As a student, you know that research papers comprise one of the primary tasks you must accomplish in college to demonstrate your writing and research skills, along with your mastery of a given topic. Taking notes for a research paper can help you succeed in writing if you are efficient. Learn how!