How to File A Life Insurance Benefits Claim

How to file a life insurance benefits claim only requires a few simple steps. During your time of mourning, some reassurance is given knowing that insurance proceeds usually are sent quickly to help deal with the expenses after the death of a loved one.

Convert To Roth in 2011

There are special rules to convert to Roth in 2011. Investors need to consider the tax consequences in converting to Roth IRAs to get tax free income later on. Some investors get no benefits from conversion.

What is the Best Business Letter Salutation to Use?

A business letter salutation is the first impression you have about your professionalism to prospective clients, partners or vendors. When you don’t have a long, personal history with the recipient, it is always better to ere on the side of caution. Follow proper protocol and business etiquette.

Generating New Leads for a Business the Painless Way

New leads for a business keep prospective customers coming with interest. This is imperative for business sustainability and growth. Prospecting may take time and energy but creates a consistent flow of customers, referrals and profits. Make consistent time to improve prospecting efforts.