Kellie Hayden

How to Have a Successful College Interview

College interviews may be required by the university you wish to attend or they may be optional. Some colleges do not do them at all. Some colleges only bring students in for scholarship interviews. You need to do your research to see if the college of your choice requires one.

Learn a College Application Tip for Success and More!

Note to high school seniors — Do not wait until the night of the deadline to fill out your college applications. Start early!

If you started early or waited until the last minute, these tips can help you to find success in filling out the all important college application.

The Importance of a College Education

Is the importance of a college education over rated in today’s society? College graduates make more money and are more able to keep their jobs. This alone can be reason enough for high school students to fill out their college applications. However, there are even more reasons to attain a degree.

How to Get In Shape for College Freshmen

Are you a college freshman who has packed on the pounds or is over stressed? This article will give you some tips on how to get in shape your freshman year and how to live a healthier life.

Necessity of College Preparatory Classes

Is there a necessity for college preparatory classes to ensure success in college? How hard do students really need to work in high school to be ready for college? There are a few myths out there; however, the college preparatory classes that students take should be academically rigorous.

Practice Spelling Review

Your English students need to practice their spelling. This activity lets students work together in pairs to pronounce and spell each vocabulary word and to correct their own errors.