Keshav Pai

How to make our youtube videos popular?

With thousands of videos being posted on YouTube every day , it requires some effort to earn the tag of a popular video on YouTube.Popular videos are generally those that cause laughter, outrage or are too disgusting for words! In other words it should push the envelope.

How to put adsense in blogger blog?

It is a fairly simple task putting AdSense into a Blogger blog. This article outlines the steps, presuming that you have already created a blog in your Blogger account and also have an AdSense account.

Optimising Google AdSense Earnings

Google Adsense is an application which bares advertisements in the form of pictures and text on web pages.This is nothing but a service which pays you on PPC ( pay per click) grounds. This article gives you few tips that you can follow in order to maximize your earnings through Google Adsense.

Free Traffic Using Google Trends

Google Trends is an extremely useful tool provided by Google. It shows the frequency with which a particular search term has been accessed over time. This facility is available to any and all users of the web, and results are available in a number of languages and in various regions and/or count.

The Advantages of Google Chrome

The public release of a new web browser developed by Google called ‘Chrome’ happened in December of 2008 and was based on the WebKit application engine and layout engine. Soon after its launch Chrome gained approximately 1% of the market share, but by September 2009 this percentage had jumped to 2.8