Karishma Sundaram

Make the Most of Your Nokia 7705 Twist

An unusually designed handset, the Nokia 7705 Twist will certainly appeal to those looking to make a statement with their phone. The Twist places greater emphasis on its aesthetics. In this article we look at various tips and tricks that can be used with the Twist.

Review of Nokia 6700 Classic Part 1: Introduction and Design

It is an unusual move for a manufacturer to release a phone with practically none of the newer gimmicks popular in newer handsets. However Nokia has done just that, with a slim and stylish handset designed to perform the everyday functions of a phone without any frills.

Review of the Nokia 7230 Part 1: Introduction and Design

The Nokia 7230 is a low to mid-range mobile handset, with just the basic features. It is intended to target first-time or young users, easing them into the complexities of a handset. The 7230 will win no prizes for originality, design or features, but it is an affordable phone that gets the job done

Finding SQL Table Names

Tables are an important part of any database structure. When programming, it can sometimes be important to retrieve a list of table names in SQL, especially if the database schema is not visually available for review. This article teaches you how to find SQL table names.

Nokia 5800 Skype App

Skype is a popular instant messaging and Internet telephony application, employed by users to connect to their contacts all over the world. Skype has recently come out with a client for Symbian phones. This article looks at Skype on the Nokia 5800.

Nokia Mobile: How to Close a Crashed App

There are many circumstances under which a mobile app can crash. It is important to terminate the actual app processes as they clog the main memory. This article focuses on how to close a crashed app on a Nokia mobile.

What is a Smartphone?

Although practically all mobile phones nowadays are smartphones that wasn’t always the case. As it is, there are a number of distinctions between simple phones and smartphones. This article looks at the evolution and the definition of a smartphone.

Setting Table Row Height Using HTML

HTML is a versatile language, even if the implementation makes it somewhat limited. It has been used extensively to distribute information over the Internet. One of the key elements in HTML is the table. This article focuses on how to adjust the height of rows in tables using HTML.

Review of Nokia Surge – Part 1

Nokia Surge makes an excellent messaging phone, with an astonishing hardware QWERTY keyboard. This article reviews the phone in detail, examining the design, user interface and all the various features in depth.

Review of Nokia N900 – Part 1

The Nokia N900 is an exceptional device with an appealing design. It is intended to be a business phone, and accomplishes this task with ease. This article looks at the various features of the phone in depth, delves into the user interface and examines the design carefully.