Sample Budget Worksheet for Business Use

Looking for an easier way to keep track of a business’s income and expenses? Create a budget worksheet for the business. The worksheet can be updated when necessary and can be used to forecast income and expenses so important business decisions can be made.

What Is An Intangible Fixed Asset?

A business has a lot of assets in many forms. One type of asset is an intangible fixed asset. This can come in the form of trademarks, logos, and brand names. An intangible asset isn’t recorded on a balance sheet but does affect a business’s bottom line.

Acquiring Financial Aid for Living Expenses While Going to College

College is expensive. Tuition alone can be more than most students can afford, and if a student has expenses on top of that, such as rent and a car, a student can find himself in financial distress. But there is an answer: acquiring financial aid for living expenses in college is easier than ever.

How Can I Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

A successful entrepreneur has to be passionate about his/her business, imaginatively conceive and unfailingly execute plans, be willing to adopt emerging technologies and when the time comes, lead from the front.