Kathy Foust

Veins and Arteries of the Human Body

Like every other part of the human body, veins and arteries serve a specific purpose. The function of these may be compromised by certain health conditions or may cause health concerns. Read on to learn more about veins and arteries of the human body.

Common Questions About the Integumentary System

There are many common questions about the integumentary system that are relatively easy to answer and understand if the answers are put in an easy to understand format. Read below to learn some of the most common questions and answers about this system.

Elementary Travel Lesson Plans

Making elementary travel lesson plans can be lots of fun if you choose to focus on more than one topic at a time. Use the information here to make your travel lesson plans as fun as they are educational.

Math Activities for Kids

Use these math activities for kids to keep your students in the learning mode even as they are having fun! Teaching is so much more rewarding when students don’t realize they are being taught!

Pamabrom Warnings

Read here to learn about pamabrom warnings so that you can be informed before takng this medication. Be sure to research any medication you plan to take before you take it.

Side Effects of Guaifenesin DM

Read here to learn about the side effects of guaifenesin DM before taking this medication. It’s important to learn what to expect from a medication before actually ingesting it. Use the information here to prepare you for taking this medication.

Ondansetron HCL

Ondansetron HCL has many uses. Do you know what it is being used for in your body? Read here to learn about the uses of and side effects of this medication so that you can stay informed about what goes into your body.

Convert Roman Numerals

Roman numerals involve math just to read the numeral. That’s why students must learn to convert Roman numerals one at a time before tackling the actual reading of them. Use this lesson plan to teach your students to do just that.