Jeffrey Davis

How to Scan a Database with Nessus — Page One

Knowing what’s going on with your hosted website is crucial to ensuring that uptime is stabilized, TCP ports are set without open vulnerabilities, database stores are functioning properly and that everything is running like it should, and Tenable Nessus detects and shows it all by level of severity.

Is McAfee SccurityScan Plus Worth Your Time?

McAfee seems to offer some sort of SecurityScan Plus downloadable that, when run, asks to scan your computer for security threats… but what kind of threats? The usual cyberthreats, or something else completely? You may be surprised when I tell you what the REAL purpose of this gibbedly-glock is…

How to Use the Tenable Nessus Scanner: Page One

Knowing what’s up with your hosted website can help in ensuring stable uptime, that your TCP ports are set without risk of vulnerabilities and that any database stores (like with MySQL) are functioning properly. We can learn of these with Tenable Nessus, and we’re guiding you through the software.

Top Five Free BlackBerry Curve Apps

Whoever said the best things in life are free wasn’t joking. In fact, whether it’s getting from A to B or protecting your BlackBerry from hackers and data loss these five apps get ‘er done without messing with your wallet. So look at these powerful, free BlackBerry apps without any cost whatsoever.

How to Make a Basic Web Site Using PowerPoint: Part One

Although the intended use of Microsoft PowerPoint is to create virtual slideshows for presentations, the software does have a few tricks in the box, one of which allows you to export your presentation in HTML format. In this project, we are going to use this feature to make a simple, basic website.

BlackBerry Email Setup, Part One

One of the very first things you’re probably going to do once you get your BlackBerry is to configure your email accounts so that you can access your messages when on the go; hence this guide, which defines and illustrates the various steps to configure your email settings on your BlackBerry device.

How to Make a Table to Center a Flash Website

Websites created using interactive, multimedia formatting typically use Flash technology. Flash technology requires good appearance to meet professional layout standards. This means placing the interactive portions at dead-center in the browser window. This tutorial will show you how it’s done.

How to Control Tab Sequence in an HTML Form

When setting up a webpage form, it is important to determine the order of inputs ahead of time so that the flow of input is consistent with the desired order. Should you put an input in the wrong place, though (or the order of the input placements is off) a simple property change will fix it easily.

How to Indent in HTML using CSS

Although HTML was never originally designed to support text formatting, it is still possible to apply some sort of formatting without the need for plugin-specific page formats like PDF files. In this discussion, I will explain how to use CSS formatting to indent portions of an HTML document.