Jean Scheid

How to Redesign an Existing Business

If you’ve just purchased a business, you need to make it uniquely you. You need to look at the least expensive ways to increase sales, advertise, and perhaps even revise your vision and mission statements. Jean Scheid takes a look at how to redesign an existing business at little or no cost.

How to Get the Most Out of Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great place to network and advertise your business. Great opportunities are idea exchanges, marketing, and analyzing your competition. To make your trip a success, you need to know how to get the most out of trade shows.

Incorporate On Your Own and Skip the Legal Fees

When you’re ready to start your business you can skip the legal fees and incorporate on your own in all fifty states. Jean Scheid walks us through how to do it. When you consider how much does it cost to start a new business, understanding how to incorporate on your own can save you hundreds.

What Are Land Contracts? A Simple Guide For Beginners

With the mortgage crisis still upon us, many sellers are offering land contracts as an acceptable way to purchase property they have for sale. If you’re wondering what land contracts are Jean Scheid talks about everything you need to know before entering into this type of real estate agreement.

How to buy a car online

Consumers can be overwhelmed by the amount of auctions, dealers, and individuals who sell cars online. Jean Scheid, an auto dealer, gives us tips for buying a car online.