Alison Moxley

The Relationship Between Culture and International Business

To know before you go is an essential but often overlooked skill in the world of business. Competing in today’s global economy means the successful business person must understand the relationship between culture and international business. Brush up on international etiquette, tips and customs.

Great Dog Gift Basket Business Ideas

Looking for creative ideas for your dog gift basket business? Should you pack them chock full of edible treats or ones that squeak? What price points should you shoot for? There are many ideas for a successful dog gift basket business that will have your customers begging for more.

How to Give a Good Job Reference

It is important to provide the correct information that gives the best picture of your associate, colleague, or former employee. What information you include or exclude can make or break the candidate’s chances at landing their dream job.

How to Create a Designated Driver Plan for Office Parties

Your office party should be all about fun and excitement. However, many companies are not aware of the importance of designating a driver to ensure that all of the guests return home safely. Here, we offer a designated driver plan for office parties that you can use to keep everyone safe.

Employee Incentive Program Examples

Many companies search for new and innovative ways to motivate their employees. By providing employee incentive programs that encourage them to do their best work, you are making a valuable investment in your human capital.