Joli Ballew

Learn How a Copyright Affects Your Business

Copyrights protect tangible works like books, songs, and poems. If this is part of your business, copyrights can help you protect your intellectual property. This article examines this aspect and some of the ways that copyrights can affect your business.

Copyright Examples and Who Can Claim Copyright

Copyright Examples and Who Can Claim Copyright

A copyright protects original creative works, including but not limited to books, music, research papers, and publications, to keep them safe from intellectual property theft by others. Read on for more examples of things you can copyright.

How Do I Apply or Register for a Copyright?

Obtaining a copyright is the first step in protecting original work you’ve created including art, poetry, music, literature, multi-media data, computer software, and similar items. We’ll explain more about the copyright process, including how to formally register for a copyright.