John Samuel

Top Gadgets For Your Blogger Blog

Blogger has niche gadgets to spice up your blogs. These gadgets are of great help to bring more traffic, better interaction and much more. All these gadgets are only a click away to be yours! Read on to find out more about some ultimate gadgets your Blogger Blogs need.

How To Create Google Alerts?

Tired of frequently searching the Google to follow your favorite topics? Google Alert offers the latest updates about topics of your interest as they happen. Just provide the topics of your interest and setup your Google alerts in no time.

How To Create A Gmail Filter?

Filter is one of the hosts of powerful features offered by Gmail. When correctly set, filters could make your inbox uncluttered, organized and keep unwanted emails making their way to inbox. Learn to filter out emails from your boss and spouse or delete spam emails right away.

Carry Portable Google Chrome Browser On USB Stick

The portable version of Google Chrome browser can now be carried on a USB stick and used on any computer without installing it. Read on to discover more about portable Google Chrome browser, its features and download instructions.