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How to Obtain a Master’s Degree in Psychology

Before you start any psychology Master’s degree program, you need to consider two important aspects. Learn about taking the right GRE exam and choosing an APA accredited university when applying to psychology graduate programs. Learn more about how to obtain a Master’s degree in psychology.

Picking the Right PhD Thesis Topic

Picking the right topic for your PhD thesis is a crucial decision that determines whether your dissertation is pleasant or a pain in the neck to complete. Learn how to choose a PhD thesis topic that is both practical and doable.

The Action Plan Template for Getting a PhD

Planning your overall progress through a doctoral program ensures that you are on track and meeting all of the university’s requirements on time. Learn how and why to create an action plan for getting a PhD to reduce time spent in a doctoral program.

The Process of MS to PhD Degree

An MS degree is typically a requirement before a student can be accepted into a PhD program. However, some schools changed this process so the student can earn the Master’s degree en route to a doctoral degree. Learn about the MS to PhD degree process.

A Guide to PhD Candidacy

A Guide to PhD Candidacy

Although the content of doctoral programs differs from university to university, there are usually four steps to becoming a PhD candidate. Learn about the different phases of a doctoral program on your way to achieving PhD candidacy.

A Guide for Planning a PhD Dissertation

The purpose of this article is to present a guide for finishing a PhD dissertation on time. The top three reasons a PhD student fails to complete a doctoral program on time are a misunderstanding of the purpose of the dissertation, choosing the wrong dissertation chair, and failure to plan properly.

Can I Teach College Classes with an MBA?

Can I teach college classes with an MBA degree? If you have an MBA, you may be able to find a job teaching college courses. However, there are a few caveats to teaching at the university level with only a Master’s degree. Learn about your choices when it comes to teaching college classes with an MBA