John Lister

Find Your Windows Files in Ubuntu

In the second of a three-part series we run through some of the main differences you will notice when using Linux (Ubuntu) as opposed to Windows. We also look at the logistics of storing your documents and other files so that you can access them in both operating systems.

Apple Macs In Schools And Colleges

Answers to some of the most common questions about Apple in schools and colleges: Does Apple offer educational discounts? Does Apple offer educational discounts? And what are iTunes U and Apple U?

Transferring files from a PC to a Mac

In the first of a three-part series on switching from Windows to a Mac, we explore which files are worth taking with you, the logistics of transferring them to your new machine, and what to do about your favourite Windows applications.

Send A Fax From Microsoft Word

Even in the Internet Age, some people and organisations, particularly in developing nations, either prefer to receive faxes or simply have no e-mail access. We show you three ways you can fax your documents directly from Microsoft Word.

Macs In The Office

Microsoft has historically dominated the business market, but Apple Macs are starting to gain a foothold. We examine the pros and cons of Macs for businesses and explore the logistics of making the switch.

Review of Parental Control Software

In the second part of our series on keeping your child safe online we look at some of the most popular parental control software. This isn’t necessarily the best or only solution (we’ll look at other tips in the final part of this series), but such programs may be a useful aid.