Basic Linux Commands: The ls Command

The Linux “ls” command is your best friend when needing to list the contents of a directory. It’s also one of the most basic commands. In this entry to the Linux Command Line series, we’ll examine one of the most used commands in the Linux toolkit.

Top Linux Apps – Konqueror Review

If you’re looking for an alternative Linux web browser besides Firefox or Opera you should give Konqueror a try. Konqueror is a full-featured browser that has a few features not available on any other browser. This article will introduce you to Konqueror and show you how to conquer the web.

What are the Best Linux Applications? Evolution Review

Evolution is to Linux what Outlook is to Windows: A full-featured Personal and Workgroup Information Manager. With this outstanding solution you can manage your calendar, contacts, email, and tasks. This article will introduce you to this outstanding all-in-one contact solution.

Most Popular Linux Applications – Dropbox Review

Cloud computing has become standard fare for many users. Dropbox is a user-level application that allows the user to seamlessly “drop” files into a remote server with drag and drop ease. Fortunately there is a Linux client for dropbox. This article will introduce you to Dropbox in Linux.

Popular Linux Applications – GnuCash Review

If you are accustomed to keeping your personal or business finances on
your PC, and you’re concerned that Linux doesn’t have a solution for
you, worry no more. GnuCash is a personal and business finance manager
that will easily meet all of your needs.

Essential Linux Applications – Scribus Review

For those of you who have been charged with creating brochures, fliers, and complex documentation, you know that a simple word processor is not enough. Having a desktop publishing application is tantamount to taking your printed pieces from amateur to professional.

Top Linux Applications – Gimp Review

The Gimp is to Linux what Photoshop is to Windows and Mac. The Gimp is a very powerful image editor application that is not only available on Linux, but Windows and OS X as well. It’s feature-rich, powerful, expandable, and won’t bring your machine or your budget to a screeching halt.

Desktop Linux: xfce

The xfce desktop is another entry in the lightweight Linux desktop lineup. This article will introduce you to the history, features, and installation of one of the fastest, cross-platform-ready desktops available.

Deskop Linux: Compiz and Compiz Fusion

If you’re looking for a desktop that will wow your friends and family (and bring fun back to your computing experience) then Compiz, the 3D Linux desktop, is everything you need. This article introduces you to a new type of desktop.

Desktop Linux: Enlightenment

The Linux desktop is rife with possibilities. One such possibility, Enlightenment, might very well change the way you think of how you work on your computer. Enlightenment is fast, fun, and flavored very differently than your average desktop.

Desktop Linux: KDE

You’re interested in giving Linux a try but there are so many options (on so many levels) you don’t know where to begin. One area that could put much of that fear at ease is deciding upon a desktop to use. This series of articles will help you to determine which Linux desktop is best suited for you.

How to Reduce Linux Power Consumption with PowerTOP

When you are attempting to strengthen your “green footprint” getting the best out of your laptop battery can certainly make a big difference (both in energy consumed and lifetime of battery.) The PowerTop project aims to help the Linux laptop user make the most out of their battery.