Feel At Ease Migrating to Evolution

If you’re a Windows user looking to migrate to Linux then you might be concerned about a replacement for Outlook. Fortunately there is an outstanding groupware client called Evolution. In this Bright Hub article you will see just how similar Evolution is to Outlook.

KDE and Windows XP Desktops – KDE vs. Windows XP

If you are considering making the move from Windows XP to a Linux-based desktop, fear not. The KDE desktop makes this journey easy. From the panel to the menu, you will find many similarities between the two. In this Bright Hub article you will see how similar KDE and XP really are.

From Windows XP to GNOME – Windows XP vs. GNOME Desktop

If you are considering migrating to Linux then you might be curious what is in store for you. Fortunately, if you are migrating from Windows XP you can rest assured that, although the desktops are different, GNOME is easy to use. In this Bright Hub article you will learn the major differences.

How to Create and Manipulate Layers in The Gimp

If you do any image creation or editing you know that layers are one of the most important tools you can use. With layers you add depth, complexity, and create an ease of editing you wouldn’t have otherwise. In this Bright Hub article you will learn how to use layers with The Gimp.

Manage On Line Calendars with Evolution

If you do office computing you know that sharing calendars makes office life much more efficient. Most people assume that only Outlook can share calendars. But Evolution the open source equivalent to Outlook can share calendars too. In this Bright Hub article you will learn how to share calendars.

Improve Linux Performance with Daemons

The Linux operating system is an outstanding performer. But there are ways to eek out a bit more performance without having to add more hardware or tweak the kernel. By configuring unnecessary daemons so they do not start at boot, you can take your machine’s performance to the next level.

Simple Linux Partition Backups with Partimage

If you do any Linux administration you know how important it is to backup not only data but entire (or portions of) disks. By backing up entire disks you can restore a machine from disaster. In this Bright Hub article you will learn how to backup with partimage.

Why Linux is Better than Windows? 2009 is the Year of Linux!

Linux has come a long way since infancy. But there are still those who have shunned adopting it in one form or another. Now a new day is upon us, and with that day comes even more reasons why you should be using Linux. In this Bright Hub article you will see why 2009 should be your Linux year.

Create a Linux Home File Server with Samba

If you have multiple computers at home you know sharing files can be a real pain. It doesn’t have to. With the help of Linux and Samba, sharing files between various platforms can be made easy. In this Bright Hub article you will learn how to configure Samba to share with the family.

Linux Tutorial PDF: Easily Create PDF Documents in Linux

If you work in a business you know PDF documents are a must-have for a number of reasons. There are a number of PDF applications in Windows, but did you know there were just as many in Linux? In this Bright Hub Linux tutorial PDF guide we look at three different ways to create PDF documents.

Install a LAMP Server in Three Easy Steps

The LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) server is one of the most popular servers in the world. There are many reasons for its popularity (it’s free and reliable), but one reason should stand out above all other. It’s simple to install. This article will outline the steps to install a LAMP server.