A. Jitesh

Medical Photography as a Career

What is medical photography? What are the essential skill sets, technical skills and soft skills required to be a medical photographer? What are the requisite educational qualifications? What would be the work profile and career prospects? Learn it all in this article on medical photography.

What is a Memory Card Reader?

What is a memory card reader and do I need one? Will every card reader be able to read my camera’s memory card? What are the advantages of using one? Find answers to all these questions as well as a quick tutorial on how to get your memory card reader up and running.

7 Tips for Creative Shadow Photography

Here are seven tips to make the best use of shadows in your photos. Learn how to use shadows effectively and creatively for getting awesome photos. Learn shadow techniques, other than silhouettes, to make your photos stand out and more!

Stem Cell Tissue Engineering

Stem cell tissue engineering has offered us a new and improved way to treat illnesses and diseases. Adult stem cells are proving themselves useful in tissue engineering.