Leyla Norman

Getting a Master’s Degree in Biology

An undergraduate degree in biology may not be enough to get you the job you want. An advanced degree is likely the answer to finding a higher-paying biology job. Think carefully through your decision before you commit to earning your master’s.

Discover a College Freshmen Goal Setting Activity

This college freshmen goals setting activity can help you learn to set and reach your goals using an assignment you already have to do. Breaking down your larger goals into more manageable ones will help you reach your ultimate goal.

Post Grad Certificate in English

A post grad certificate in English can help you get a job as an English teacher to students across the world or across town. Read about a few post grad certificate programs around the country to see if this option is right for you.

A Look at ESL Programs in Community College

Find out about ESL programs available in community colleges and what they have to offer. Tuition, enrollment, class content and other information is presented about these types of community college programs. How community college ESL programs are different from other ESL programs is also explored.

Humor in Online Education

Humor in online education can easily be misinterpreted. Students can take offense at a joke that seemed harmless to the teacher or student who made it. Use these tips to help you control your online class and help your students know when and how to make jokes as they learn online.