S. B. Corrigan

Sync Anything to a Mac

Apple Devices “just work” with each other, but what if you have to use a non Apple device or phone for whatever reason? No problem. Here’s how to get everything to play nice with your Mac.

Mackbook Troubleshooting and Repair

MacBook Pros are a big investment compared to other laptops. What if something inside it breaks? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these article for how to keep your Macbook Pro healthy and to fix it if something goes wrong.

The Ultimate Mac Backup and Storage Guide

Macs are just as vulnerable as other computers when it comes to accidents and just like other computers, you should take precautions with your valuable data so you can recover quickly. Here’s some advice specific to Macs for your backup and storage needs.

iTunes Guide

Personal music libraries can get pretty big and unwieldy. Here’s where you can get started on taking control over your music collection with iTunes.