J. F. Amprimoz

How to Add & Use Your MasterCard on Google Wallet

If you have the right MasterCard and the right phone, setting up Google Wallet to draw on your MasterCard so you can pay for purchases at stores right from your phone is easy. Even those who lack one or the other can have some of the convenience offered.

Why Tablets Only Replace PCs if You Are Really Important

A CTO at IBM recently “traded in [his] PC for a tablet computer” according to a blog post where he describes our current computing environment as the “Post-PC Era.” This has touched off a lot of debate, but it really makes perfect sense. As long as you are an executive with a huge tech company.

Many WiMax Deployments in the US this and Next Year

WiMax has been touted for a while as the route to realizing the dream of mobile broadband everywhere. It was slow in getting here, and the rough economy saw many projects set for 2008 delayed or cancelled. But it is moving forward this year, perhaps with some federal stimulus.