Employee Telecommuting Can Reduce Absenteeism

Telecommuting has many benefits for employers who are wise enough to allow this work option for their employees. One of the important benefits to both employers and employees is the reduction in employee absenteeism. Important studies are being done on the effect of telecommuting on absenteeism.

Requirements for Starting a Home Daycare Business

A home daycare business in an excellent opportunity to work-at-home. There are a number of home daycare business requirements you will need to consider before undertaking a new home daycare business such as state licensing requirements, space available in your home and the fees you will charge.

Statistics on Telecommuting in America

Telecommuting is a growing trend in American business. It is saving money for both employees and employers. Statistics show an increasing amount of the labor force are now telecommuting and its benefits both to employees and employers will be seen for years to come.

Job Opportunities in Home-Based Medical Transcription

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities exist for medical transcriptionists who work out of their homes. The prospects are especially good for those who receive a medical transcriptionist certification. This article discusses home based medical transcriptionist jobs.