Indu Priya

How to Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer

Every year Internet Explorer comes out with newer versions of the software and every new version will have newly added features or bug fixes. But what if you prefer an older version to the one you just installed? We’ll take a look at how to uninstall Internet Explorer.

IPV4 and IPV6: Differences and Features

IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical identification assigned to each of the computers in a network. Although the actual IP address is stored in binary form, they are normally seen as “human-readable” form. Let us now learn more about Internet Protocol here.

Top 3 Microsoft Access Troubleshooting Books

We all need software which is trouble free. Troubleshooting is one of the most important skills and ways to lessen the commonplace computer hurdles we encounter now and then. Here are the best troubleshooting manuals and books for Microsoft Access created for this purpose.

Top Four Websites That Identify Suspicious Files

Suspicious files have become a bother to so many computer applications. Most executives are overwhelmed by the malware that hits their computers and crashing their programs. However there are a couple of websites with capacities to detect and identify these malware applications.

Computer Microphone Help: In a few steps

For most people, the idea for choosing a good computer microphone system is that the listener should be able to hear the speaker and feel like the person is actually in the room right next to them! To choose a good computer microphone and to avoid its problems, go through this simple article.