Jordan Salvi

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Review and Specifications

With the explosion in variety of tablet computers over the past year, is the Android-based Lenovo IdeaPad K1 just another “me too” device? Or can it actually stand out among such stiff competition as the Samsung GalaxyTab 10.1 or the venerable iPad 2?

Laptop Video Card Comparison

Trying to assess the performance of any video card can be tough unless you spend literally hours scouring the web for benchmarks and reviews. Laptop video cards are especially difficult to peg, as they can share the same name as a desktop part, but not the performance.

How to Create Your Own Geocache

Geocaching is a GPS based activity that is growing very popular, and for good reason: it’s incredibly fun and rewarding! After traveling around and finding a few caches, you may be inspired to plant one yourself. Creating a geocache is actually fairly simple, and can be very fun.

Best Flat Screen TV to Use as a Monitor

Why stick to a small 19″ or 22″ screen when you could be using an HDTV as your computer monitor? HDTVs have several advantages over regular monitors, such as size, resolution, and several connection options. The Samsung LN32B550 is one HDTV that fits the role of a computer monitor perfectly.

Picking the Best GPS to Buy?

The huge selection of GPS units can get confusing when considering the multitude of features that each provides. However, there are a few common traits shared between different types of GPS units that you should consider when purchasing a GPS.

Getting More from your Graphics Card

Feeling the need to upgrade but don’t have the money just yet? Maybe newer games are running slower than you’d like, or possibly you’re just like most PC gamers and want more out of your PC. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your computer’s graphics performance without buying a new video card.

What is the Best Video Card

Many gamers get swamped with the huge selection of high-end video cards on the market. It doesn’t help that the naming schemes used by card manufacturers make little sense. So what if you want the all out best video card available?

How to Pick a Computer Monitor

Need a new computer monitor but don’t know exactly what to look for? Look no further, this guide explains all the major considerations when looking at and comparing computer screens.