Heather Marie Kosur

The Academic Challenge Faced by International Students

The academic challenge faced by international students can be much greater that that of their peers. Confronted with academic change, culture shock, and homesickness, these students can struggle to adjust to their new surroundings, aiding strain to an otherwise difficult life transition.

Including a College Student Internship: Resumes Tips

Are you writing a resume and struggling over how to include information about a college student internship? Resumes are easily adaptable to the needs of the resume writer. Learn how to include information about an internship in your resume with these tips.

Recycled Home Decorating: Tips and Ideas

Whether you are decorating your home on a budget or you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, decorating the interior of your house with recycled furniture and accessories is a definite thumbs up. Check out these useful and simple ideas for recycled home decorating.

Basic Information on College Applications

Applying for college can be a stressful time for the high school senior or other college applicant. Learning about the basic information on college applications makes the application process less daunting. This article describes the basic elements of an average application.

What Is a Syllabus & How Can I Use One?

What is a syllabus? Many new college students are unsure of the best answer to this question. However, learning what a syllabus is and how to use one for course management is necessary for successfully making it through each semester.

About Online Doctoral Degrees in ESL

Earning online doctoral degrees in ESL allows graduates to work in many specializations of the field of English as a second language education. This article discusses earning a PhD in ESL from Northcentral University as well as the job outlook for graduates who hold this degree.

What Is a Liberal Arts College?

When choosing a college you have a number of different considerations to find the perfect one for you. Have you considered a liberal arts college? These schools are often smaller and offer holistic education focusing on critical thinking skills.