Sandi Johnson

How to Make a Compost Tumbler

Learning how to make a compost tumbler takes less time than gathering the materials you will need. Since you can use many common items found in your garage, you could easily finish this project in just a few hours.

Options to Build Simple Greenhouse Structures, Page 1

Are you interested in learning how to build a simple greenhouse to extend your growing season or to protect weather sensitive potted plants? These instructions make it easy to design and build simple greenhouse plans in a single weekend, with a variety of reclaimed materials.

How Much Room Do You Need for Chickens?

Are you contemplating starting your own flock of egg or meat chickens? Wondering how much room do you need for chickens? How many chickens for a family of four? Before you order chicks or pick up a few dozen hens from a hatchery, read up on what it takes to raise free range chickens.

Small Business Tax Deductions: What Can You Claim?

According to the IRS, expenses are required to be “ordinary and necessary” to qualify for small business tax deductions. That begs the question, what is considered an ordinary or necessary expense? Are deductions the same for a retail store as they are for a home-based professional?

Understanding Partnership Tax Laws

Partnerships provide the ability to pass through income to owners, without the organization paying taxes on company income. However, understanding partnership tax laws requires more than just knowing about pass through entities. Not paying taxes does not mean you don’t file taxes.