How to Use the Equation Editor in Docs

The Google docs equation editor is useful for students and professionals who want to display mathematical formulas in a document that requires collaboration of many users. It functions as a useful tool, assisting computer users in entering symbols, operands, scripts, or an equation into Google docs.

Adsense Tips to Make More Money

Adsense is an advertising program from Google that allows publishers of web content to place relevant advertisements on their website. Google’s Adsense programs shares the revenues generated from the advertisements with the publisher of the website.

How to Setup and Send Reminders in Google Calendar

Are you constantly forgetting appointments or events, even though you put them in your Google Calendar? Well, there’s no need for that to happen. With just a few clicks and a little typing, you can setting up reminders in Google calendar, so you don’t forget another appointment or event.

Add a to-do list to Google Calendar.

While Google Calendar is very useful and flexible, its creators left out one key feature: a to-do list. You can easily fix this by mating a Web application called Remember the Milk with Google Calendar.

Using Google Docs as Your Blog Editor

If you’re a blogger, then you probably know that writing with most blog editors can take some of the fun out of blogging. The next time you want to write and publish a post, consider using Google Docs. It makes writing, editing, and publishing your blog posts a breeze.