How to Make Herbal Green Tea Bath Bags at Home

Green tea bath bags are a wonderful way to use aromatherapy without the need to purchase essential oils. The herbs themselves are placed in bags to infuse the goodness of herbs directly into the bath water. Not only will you get aromatherapy benefits, but your skin will benefit too!

Earth Day Recycled Crafts for Kids

In honor of earth day, here are some favorite recycled crafts for kids. Of course, you do not have to be a kid to enjoy these crafts! They are easy enough for kids, but many adults like them too! These recycled crafts will turn your trash into treasured crafts and likely spark some new reuse ideas.

Using Recycled Materials to Make Games for Kids

Making games from recycled materials presents a endless number of possibilities to recycle and provides entertainment at the same time. It is a perfect solution for beating boredom on a budget. A few ideas, such as how to recycle a soup can, a milk jug, or a box will keep kids busy for hours.

Inventive Ways To Repurpose Denim Shirt Material

If you have worn out denim shirt, don’t throw it away! Consider repurposing the denim instead. Denim can easily be recycled and reused around the house, transformed into wardrobe accessories, and used to create impressive crafts. Learn more about how to salvage a denim shirt and reduce waste.

Craft Ideas for Recycled Items Such as Plastic

Crafts from recycled items put things to good use rather than throwing them away. These craft ideas also reduce the need to buy expensive craft supplies. Upcycling something of value out of trash, is trendy and chic. Here are craft ideas to get started making recycled crafts.

Reuse Plastic Pop Bottle Crafts

Plastic pop bottle crafts are a great way to reuse plastic. Because plastic is not biodegradable, it should always be recycled or reused. In addition to saving the environment, these recycled craft ideas will save your wallet by reducing the need to purchase expensive craft supplies.

Crafts Using Recycled Computer Parts

If a computer is no longer working, an excellent way to recycle it is to make crafts using recycled computer parts. Wall art, jewelry, and home decor are just a few ways to repurpose computer parts.

Google vs. Yahoo Calendar

Google vs Yahoo! Calendar – Which offers the best online calendar- Google or Yahoo? If you already have email established with one service, is it still preferable to use the same service’s calendar? Which service has the better set of features?