Haley Montgomery

5 Tips for Making a Restaurant Website

Are you a web developer who is making a restaurant website? You want the website design to enhance the restaurant’s marketing and attract new customers. This article offers five web development tips for creating a more effective website for your restaurant client.

Tips for Working Effectively with an Advertising Agency

Working with an advertising agency in marketing your small business offers valuable marketing expertise and creativity. How do you make that relationship as successful as possible? This article offer four tips for working effectively with an advertising agency to achieve your small business goals.

Overview of the LAMP Web Platform

Confused about the term LAMP you’ve seen in the web development forums? Read this article for an overview of the LAMP web programming platform and find out its key web software components.

4 Tips for Creating Effective Small Business Twitter Profiles

Part 1 of this 3-part Twitter marketing series for small business offers four tips for developing a Twitter profile page that will be an effective marketing tool for your business start-up. Read more about choosing a profile picture, creating a custom background and what privacy settings to select.

10 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business with a Website

Marketing your small business with an effective website is essential. This article offers 10 tips for launching a small business website that will serve as an important promotional tool. From choosing a domain name to encouraging visitor response, you’ll gain ideas for a stellar online presence.