Learn About Google Reader Blogroll – ARCHIVED

Have you been yearning to show off your Google Reader subscriptions to your blog readers? Steve Lacey of Google created a way for you to turn your subscriptions into a blogroll widget. It is quite simple and if you use Blogger, it’s even easier.

How to Share a Home Office

We all wish we had a spacious, pristine home office with everything we need in reach and nothing superfluous in our way. Learning to carve out some individual space for everyone in your office will actually help you in maintaining your own.

Google Reader Widget for Shared Items Feeds

Use a widget to display publicly shared items on your blog or website. Give readers insight into what makes you tick, or just make sure that all your friends can see the funny video you shared even if they don’t use Google Reader. Use the ready-made Google widget or others available online.

Use Google Search to Find Items in Google Reader – ARCHIVED

Google Reader now has Google Search built in. You can use it similarly to the way you can use Google Search in Gmail. When you need to find an item, new or read, but can’t remember the exact title or site that it came from, use Google Search. Here you will learn the best ways to find items.