Rose Kivi

All About Grants for Flight Training

Is money getting in the way of your dream to become a pilot? Are you looking for grants to help you get your pilot license? Learn all about grants for flight training, how to find them and how to get them.

Recycling Motor Oil: The Benefits

Motor oil can be recycled over and over again. Used motor oil can be re-refined through a special recycling process. Recycling motor oil produces a product equal in quality to virgin refined motor oil. Learn how motor oil is recycled and how you can get involved.

How to Make a Compost Toilet Yourself Cheaply

Compost toilets are environmentally friendly because they conserve water. They are also useful in off-the-grid homes that do not have sewage systems available. Commercial compost toilets are expensive, costing upwards of $1,000. Learn how to make a compost toilet yourself and save money.

The 3R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Does it All Mean?

The manufacture and transport of products uses the earth’s resources and produces greenhouse emission, which, according to the NRDC, “leaves the world poorer, not better off.” Learn the difference between the 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and practice them to minimize your impact on the environment.

How to Store Firewood

Firewood that is not properly stored can become infested with insects or rodents, and grow moldy or rot. Proper wood storage prevents these problems from happening. Learn how to store firewood, the best place to store firewood, and other answers to commonly asked questions.

Natural Pesticides Help Maintain a Healthy Way of Life

Insects and parasites affect humans, pets and their environments. Having a green home does not mean you have to live with these pests. You can eliminate insects and parasites with natural pesticides. Learn about the dangers of chemical pesticides and the natural, safe alternatives available.

The Honeywell Gearless Wind Turbine

The Honeywell Wind Turbine is in the class of small residential wind turbines designed for home rooftop installation. It has a gearless Blade Tip Power System (BTPS) that gives it the ability to generate energy in as little as 2 mph wind speed, making it a good wind turbine for slow wind areas.

The Gray Wolf in Montana

The gray wolf population in Montana and throughout the Northern Rockies was essentially decimated in the 1900s. Listed as endangered since 1967, the gray wolf began to reemerge as a breeding species. The gray wolf’s future remains uncertain.

Light Pollution: Causes and Examples

People cannot see stars. Sea turtle hatchlings are stranded on the shore. Nightingales sing at odd hours. Researchers say the planet’s biological rhythms are off and light pollution is to blame. As artificial light spills into the environment, the effects of light pollution disrupt ecosystems.