Garth Henson

What Is the “Cascade” in CSS?

Understanding the method in which Cascading Style Sheets actually “cascade” can be a challenge. Let’s break down the usage of CSS into basics and give you the tools you need to be able to leverage this technology to be the most useful to you.

How to Add a Print Button to a Web Page

Giving your visitors the easiest and most direct route to a given action is paramount for good web design. In some cases, this may call for a print button or link to be placed on your page. This article reviews techniques and ideas to consider when you add a print button to a web page.

How to Create a FAQ Page Using JavaScript

Using JavaScript to enhance pages of your website is a quick and easy way to improve your user’s experience. In this article, we will look at one way to use JavaScript to create a FAQ page that is easy to navigate and understand. This article assumes a basic understanding of JavaScript and DOM.

How to Show a Yes/No Confirmation Box in JavaScript

While displaying a Yes/No box in JavaScript is quite simplistic, understanding the nature of the dialog box and how to use it within a web page in a practical manner is something that can be a bit more challenging. Let’s look at how to use the JavaScript confirm in useful and practical ways.