Gustavo Lequerica-Calvo

TOEFL – Tips and Tricks that You Can Use to Achieve a Higher Score

Improving your chances of passing the TOEFL is quite simple and doesn’t require complex work. It requires 3 things: a) reading in English, b) studying the context of the exam, and c) having conversations in the language, as there are listening and speaking sections. Here’s my advice after taking it.

What is Urban Photography?

Urban photography is one of those vibrant genres of photography, where the common living and the architectonic designs are inspiration for poets and the city exudes beauty behind the steel sky.

Introduction to B&W Photography

One form of art is Black and White Photography, a form to express sensitivity and beauty of any subject. Photography has evolved and is easier to do today due the technological advances. All we need is some basic knowledge and a good idea to produce a quality photograph that will mesmerize.

The Variety of Columbian Dialects: El Choquano

The Choquano is a dialect composed by many local dialects in the Department of the Choco. The dialects which grew with the mix of African and Indigenous languages created a new one, who reflects the tradition and the joy of people of living in a beautiful land by the sea.