Regina Woodard

A Guide on How to Use Android Calendar App

Google Calendar has been a great way for people to keep track of their daily routines and schedules. The introduction of Android phones allowed users to take their calendars on the go with better integration with Google’s products and services.

But how do you use the Android calendar app?

How to Remove Anti Virus System Pro

Fake antivirus programs have popped up since 2008, trying to lure unsuspecting or new Internet users to give away vital information to thieves. We’ll take a look at one such case and how to remove the Antivirus System Pro program.

How Do I Sideload Apps on the HTC EVO?

Downloading apps is an awesome way to add more features to your HTC EVO or any smartphone. But sometimes apps might not be found in the Android Market and then, you’re left feeling hurt. You wanted that app!

Try sideloading! What is that?

Where to Find Free Antispyware and Virus Scans

Whether you’re new to the whole Internet thing or you’re trying to test out how good your current program is, the need for free antispyware and virus scans are important and while there are plenty of freeware programs that you can download, you want to see them in action. But how do you find them?

How to Remove a Trojan Horse VB.VJE Infection

In our continued quest in getting everything we can from the web and online access, there are still things that we could easily do without; Trojan Horses are one of them; these nasty things came in all shades, but the damage they do is the same.

Here we’ll look the Trojan Horse VB.VJE variety.

Using Safe Mode in BlackBerry Phones

People may not think of smartphones as actual computing devices, but they are. Like a computer device, sometimes an app or program doesn’t work the way it should and now, your BlackBerry is stuck. But, like with a computer, you can free yourself with safe mode.

The Four Color Process Printing Explained

Have you ever picked up a brochure or a newsletter and wondered just how the print looks as good as it does? And then there’s print in the home, office, and school, where lively creations are made.

But where does all of this come from? How do we get ink to page and looking awesome?

What to Do with a BlackBerry Invalid SIM Card

Every once in a while, you’ll encounter an issue with your phone that doesn’t make sense. One such example is a problem with the validity of the SIM card, even when it hasn’t changed. There can be several reasons why your BlackBerry has an invalid SIM card and luckily, most are easy to fix.

The End of Windows Mobile 6: What Does It Mean for You?

As a Windows Mobile user, you’ve probably heard how support will be stopping for WinMo 6. Well, hug yourself tight as the chopping block isn’t stopping there; as Windows Mobile 6 gets slowly phased out, the website is being shut down as well as the MyPhone sync service. What should you do?

A Guide to AT&T Prepaid Phones

With a growing percentage of the population moving towards mobile technology, for those still considering the switch, the thought of signing a contract might not sound like a great idea. What do you do if you want a cell phone, but not a two year contract? Try a GoPhone!

A Guide to BlackBerry Symbols

As cell phones and smartphones become increasingly popular, there’s always a list of symbols and icons that will appear on the phone’s screen. There are many notifications that are working in the background and sometimes, you may be lost as to what it all means. Find out here.

How Browser Add Ons Can Help You Get Things Done

The internet is a great place to do research and work, but it’s also a minefield of websites, music, and videos that can take away our focus to the point where we aren’t getting things done.

Is there anyway your browsers can help take the edge off and get you focused?