Gwen Hagaman

Beginner’s Guide to Vector Graphics

Ever find the alphabet soup of file formats confusing? Which are vector? Which are raster? And when should each be used? This beginner’s guide to vector graphics is a comprehensive resource where you’ll find solid facts and helpful tips on making and using vector images.

Differences in Desktop Printing and Prepress Techniques

Why does artwork look great on the computer AND print perfectly to an inkjet, but the colors look really different when the local print shop makes thousands of them? The differences between desktop printing and prepress techniques may surprise you. Here are some ways to get more predictable results.

Tips on How to Publish a Company Newsletter

Some of the ways publishing a newsletter helps your company are: Finding new customers, encouraging repeat business, informing shareholders, developing community participation or informing employees. Here are some tips on how to publish a company newsletter that runs smoothly… and on time.

Samples of Sans Serif Typefaces in Five Classes

Named for what they don’t have, sans serif typefaces (no serifs; flags on tips of serif fonts) are used in websites, signage and documents we see every day. In five basic classes, the following samples of sans serif typefaces show why their clean lines partner perfectly with other, more artsy fonts.

What Is Kerning? Kerning and Kerning Pairs Explained

Ever get asked, “What is kerning?” Not kurling… that’s an Olympic sport. We’re talking about type fonts and how to make them more beautiful and easier to read. If you use type fonts very often, you’ve noticed that sometimes letters don’t fit together very well. Kerning lets us overcome that issue.

Helvetica OpenType Fonts

As the design process grows more reliant on internet-based file sharing, solving the compatibility issues of Mac Type 1 and PC True Type fonts is a priority. The OpenType® format provides stable transfer from PC to Mac and back again — and — a top shelf font library, including Helvetica.

Reasons Mission Statements Don’t Work

We’ve all read them and wept… mission statements that don’t work. What does this company do? Why are these people in business? Read on to learn more about where mission statements go wrong, and what steps you can take to ensure your mission statement doesn’t fall into the same trap.

Fair Ways to Get Rid of Bad Employees

Incompetent or untrained? Decide if you can convert a bad employee into a good one by reinforcing their job responsibilities and performance expectations and providing any training necessary. By documenting the process, you will have documentation for a fair and legal employee termination.