R.L. Flowers

Is FireFox Redirecing Pages – Tips & Fixes

Is your browser taking you to sites you didn’t want to go to? Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and other browsers can all fall victim to this. In this article we’ll explore some ideas for fixing Firefox redirecting pages.

Windows Problems: Stop Having to Swap Disks

Is your computer slow? Does your hard drive light stay constantly lit? Maybe your computer freezes for a few seconds at a time. This article will help you solve problems. Stop having to keep using disk swap instead of RAM. This article shows how.

Tips for Disk Recovery using Linux

Is your hard drive hosed? Is your partition missing? Maybe you just need to get some data off of a drive that you haven’t used in a very long time. This article will describe a few Linux utilities and a boot CD that will help you to recover information, and possibly recover the entire disk.

Setting up a Linux Recovery Hard Drive

Do you run Linux servers on your network? A boot CD might not be enough when it comes time to repair your servers. Something will go wrong, and the Boot CD might not have all the kernel modules and tools required to fix your server. Make a custom boot hard drive. Here’s how!

Top 5 CPU Fan speed monitors

This article aims to help you control the CPU fan speed and monitor the temperature of your PC. We’ll review the top 5 ways to monitor your CPU fan and temperature and let you know why doing so is important.

How to Clear Bios Password Toshiba Laptop

Clearing the boot up password that is required to start your Toshiba laptop can be very difficult. This article will help you explore options available to you. Some are simple, and some are very advanced. This article is a summary of the best options available for resetting the bios password.