Kristen Grubb

Apache Web Server Tutorial

Installing and configuring the Apache HTTP Server software can be a little daunting the first time you attempt it. This beginning Apache web server tutorial will walk you through the steps to install the software and set up on both a Linux or Unix machine or a Windows machine.

What is the Apache Web Server?

According to the survey results, the Apache Web Server has been the leading web server since 1996. What is the Apache Web Server and what can it do? Why do so many people use it?

How to Repeat an Image in CSS

Using an image as a background makes for a more interesting page than a simple color. It is possible to use a small image file to fill an entire page or a portion of the page by repeating the image. So, how do you use CSS to repeat an image? Let’s take a look…

What is the Difference between UNIX and Linux?

There are many similarities between Linux and Unix. They have a very similar directory structure, uses most of the same tools and the same shells. But, what are the differences between Linux and Unix? Why is Linux called Unix-like and not a true Unix operating system?

Setting Up DNS DHCP Servers in Linux

A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server handles the assignment of IP addresses, subnet masks and broadcast addresses to clients within the network which do not have static IP addresses. This article explains how to set up your own DHCP server on Linux.

Ubuntu: Creating an OpenLDAP Server

Whether you have a small home network or a large corporate network, the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) be used to manage user logins from anywhere in the network. This reduces the need for the users to have credentials on each computer in the network. This article will walk you through setting up OpenLDAP on a Ubuntu server.

How to Create Ubuntu VPS Using Xen

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) contains multiple software based servers on a single hardware server. Each of the virtual servers has its own operating system appears to run on its own dedicated machine. In this article we will create a VPS using the Xen hypervisor and Ubuntu.

Creating New Directories in Linux

One of the first questions Windows users have when they try out Linux is how to create folders. In Linux (and all the other ‘nixes), folders are actually called directories and there are two ways to create new ones.

Geocaching Hunts

There are a variety of different hunt types for geocaching. From the traditional hunt, where you plug in the coordinates to get to the cache, to the more complex puzzle games. There are even geocaching hunts that will have you discovering things about your environment.

Installing GIMP Add ons in Linux

GIMP is the open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop that can be used for anything from simple digital photo editing to complex original art. It is a robust application by itself, but it can be enhanced exponentially with the addition of third party brushes, scripts and filters.