Jason C. Chavis

Should the Government Fund Space Exploration?

Should the government fund space exploration? With changing dynamics in the landscape of politics and the world, the space program faces a dwindling importance in priority to many people. Will this mark the end of NASA and what does the future hold?

Planes Flying at Night and the Effects of Night Flying

A plane flying at night can hold many challenges to a pilot. The overall effects of night flying results in visual impairment for the operator. In order to overcome these problems, many procedures and advanced training is utilized during flights in darkness.

What is Behavior Genetics?

What is behavior genetics? In the most basic sense, behavior genetics is the study of the biological influence on how animals act and comport. Certain aspects of the field research inherited traits, while others focus directly on the genes that cause animals to act in one way or another.

Single Jet Engine Aircraft History

Since the beginning of aviation technology, single jet engine aircraft history changed the way planes were built. The most significant changes that these single jets brought to aircraft were new design elements and greater speed.

Flight Tracking History

Flight tracking history has been greatly impacted by the development of technology over time. Since the dawn of aircraft engineering, scientists and researchers have worked to find ways to inform ground crews of the location and success of a flight.

E-Commerce Impact on the Global Market

As the world economy continues to expand and become more closely associated, the e-commerce impact on the global market is profound. Nations far removed are capable of trading and establishing business relationships in ways they could not have before.

Pan Am Aircraft History

Pan Am aircraft history represents one of the most successful runs of an airline in the history of aviation. The company established itself a the dominant international carrier of the 20th century through its professionalism, training and famous planes.