Jason C. Chavis

A Look at the Solar System: Planetary Atmospheres

Throughout the Solar System, planetary atmospheres vary to great degrees. Learning about the different features of each, helps humans understand the changing dynamics of Earth and fulfills our general need to explore.

How Many Moons Does Mars Have? A Look at Phobos and Deimos

How many moons does Mars have? Generally the answer to this query is a relatively simple one: two. While investigating these two satellites, speculation of sinister artificial origins rose, along with intriguing scientific exploration. No matter what, Phobos and Deimos have fascinated generations.

Discovery and Utilization of Water on Mars

The search for water on Mars has been a long one. It has taken us years to discover overwhelming evidence showing water flowing on the red planet. One challenge NASA has today, however, is convincing the populace that this discovery is worthwhile and quite possibly interesting.

Retirement of the Space Shuttle Program is Wrong

Watching the Atlantis arrive from its last voyage into space was a remarkable moment for all Americans. After 30 brilliant years of triumph and tragedy, the space shuttle program came to an end. However, like others, I question whether it was too much whimper and not enough bang. “Wheels stop.”

Using Nuclear Missiles in Space

Long since a steady facet of science fiction, the use of nuclear missiles in space has become a real possibility. During a brief period of time, nearly two dozen tests were conducted in Earth’s orbit. Since the Cold War, however, this has been relegated to a place of fear for humans in orbit.

The Hindenburg Disaster Myths Exposed

Seared into the memory of countless people, the destruction of the Hindenburg was one of the first tragedies recorded and viewed worldwide. While many of the Hindenburg disaster myths were debunked over the years, with this exposure came a long series of possible explanations for the catastrophe.

Cons to Space Expeditions

While exploring space has been the wonder of generations of humans, advances in technology and the further understanding of the nature of microgravity have opened up new worries about the concept. These cons to space expeditions do not deter some, but should be addressed going forward.

Why Do People Explore Space?

Why do people explore space? With the changing dynamics of government funding and economic interests in the United States and around the world, many politicians and scientists find themselves involved in the middle of the debate about the reasons people explore space.

How Do I Invest Gold or Platinum?

Understanding precious metals can be a major challenge for the investor. What to do to invest gold or platinum? Investment options for platinum and gold are expansive, including straight bullion or financial securities such as stocks and certificates.

Learn the History of the Early German Aviation Pioneers

There are numerous German aviation pioneers that helped establish the foundations of the industry in the early 1900s. Among other things, their nationality caused controversy in regards to who really performed the first powered flight, possibly beating the Wright Brothers by two years.