Dianna Monda Dill

PageMaker 7.0 Tutorial: How to Use the Control Palette

Adobe PageMaker’s Control Palette is a versatile feature that you can use to format and manipulate text and objects in your document. The Control Palette displays the properties of a selected block of text or image, and enables you to adjust its settings. Read on to learn how to use this feature.

How to Print PageMaker Documents

Adobe PageMaker’s printing options allow you to choose the number of copies to print, select the size of your print output, as well as customize additional printing options. Read on to learn how to print out your various PageMaker publications.

Working with Text in Adobe PageMaker

Working with text in Adobe PageMaker is very similar to working with a word processor program such as Microsoft Word. Two key differences, however, are that in PageMaker 7.0, you will use the Text tool and enter all your text into a text box. Read on to learn how.

How to Create a New Document in PageMaker 7.0

PageMaker is a powerful page layout application. It offers a range of versatile tools for creating pamphlets, postcards, reports, newsletters, resumes, handouts, and other publications. This article focuses on the basics of how to create a new PageMaker document.