How to Remove Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director has many tools to manage and recover your computer’s hard disk partitions and also lets you boot from multiple operating systems. However, you might want to get rid of the program if your needs change. Thankfully, Acronis makes the removal process relatively easy.

Configuring Free Microsoft Office Updates for Mac

Are you new to Microsoft Office for Mac and are wondering how to download free updates? Do you have multiple versions of Office for Mac and need to download updates for more than one version? Read on to learn all about downloading and installing updates for Microsoft Office for Mac.

Using the Microsoft Outlook Spam Blocker

Have you received junk mail and want to find a way to prevent it from cluttering up your Outlook inbox? Microsoft Outlook provides many options for blocking spam, including predefined spam filters and customized restrictions. Read on to learn how to use the MIcrosoft Outlook spam blocker.

How to Import a Mac Keynote File Into Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint and iWork Keynote both allow you to create slideshow presentations. However, Microsoft PowerPoint can’t open Keynote presentations. Thankfully, Keynote has an export option that has you covered. Read on to learn how to export your Mac Keynote files into Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to Fix Parental Controls in OS X

Do you have children that use your computer and want to restrict the applications they can use? Do you want to block inappropriate websites or deny access to instant messaging and email? Read on to learn how to fix parental controls on OS X.

Installing and Running Auto Update on Mac OS X

Have you purchased a new Mac and are setting everything up? While new Macs usually include the most recent version of Mac OS X, Apple releases updates that improve the performance and security of the operating system and applications. Read on to learn how to set up automatic updates for Mac OS X.

How to Erase a Hard Drive on Mac OS X

There’s many reasons why you may want to erase your hard drive on your Mac. For example, you may be selling the Mac and need to erase all of your personal data from the drive. You may also want to erase the drive to perform a clean install of Mac OS X. Read on to learn how to erase drives.

How to Import MP3 Audiobook CD into iTunes

MP3 Audiobook CDs allow for more tracks on one disc since the audio files are compressed. However, are you stuck wondering why iTunes doesn’t seem to recognize your CD or let you import your tracks? Read on to learn all the tricks for importing MP3 audiobook CDs into itunes.

How to Setup Norton 360 4.0

Are you new to Norton 360 and want to get up and running? The security suite features a built-in firewall, spam protection, spyware and antivirus scanner, parental controls and much more. Read on to learn how to configure the program and run scans.

A Guide on Album Artwork for iTunes

Do you have some songs on iTunes but have no artwork associated with them? Or do you want to change the artwork that iTunes uses for an album? Read on to learn all you need to know about getting and managing artwork for iTunes.