Olivia Emisar

Succeed At Every Level

Hollywood movies like to paint careers taking off to the top in less than two hours. Most fail to include the amount of hours, training and sacrifice the main characters have to put in to get ahead. In real life, it takes work and preparation to move into higher positions at the work place.

10 Types of Jobs With Flexible Work Schedules

Having a steady job with a set paycheck may not be enough in these economic times. Looking for work in a different field to supplement income or to make a complete lifestyle change? Some options include online jobs and jobs in sales that only require a computer with Internet connection and a phone.

Which Credit Agency Shows the Highest FICO Score

It is important for consumers to know their FICO score and negotiate loans from a position of strength since all three major credit reporting agencies can vary widely in their assessments. Higher scores save money upfront and for the duration of the loan’s term.

Do Senators Pay Taxes On Retirement Income?

Misconceptions about senators and other elected officials abound, a common question is: Do senators pay taxes on retirement income? The answer is often confusing since people have formed a variety of opinions based on snippets of information heard from misleading politically-based sources.

Is There Federal Withholding Tax On Lottery Jackpots

Many of us look at the ‘cash value’ of our potential winning ticket and make plans for that remaining amount. Very few are aware that the cash value of that ticket is subject to IRS laws that deal exclusively with gambling and winnings. Is there federal withholding tax on lottery jackpots? Yes!

Medicare Part B for 2011 Changes

Seniors and disabled individuals in the United States are bombarded with information on changes to their Medicare benefits on a yearly basis. The best resource to get accurate and, sometimes, lengthy information is through official government websites.

Living An Eco Friendly Life

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle includes decorating rooms with re-purposed materials, using renewable materials and replacing appliances that use less energy. These are some easy ways to start living green. Making your own laundry detergent will save money and reduce landfill waste.