Olivia Emisar

Biodegradable Sealable Bags

Think of all the lunch and snack bags we have used for our kids lunches over the years and their short-term use; most are tossed away in less than 12 hours of use. Those millions of bags in a landfill will take hundreds of years to break down while biodegradable bags will take three to six months.

Biodegradable and Edible Dinnerware

Edible dinnerware was born out of necessity in Medieval times and has evolved into an art form in modern days. The beauty of edible dinnerware is that once thrown into the garbage it won’t take up space in the landfill for very long. Or you can add it to the compost heap to enrich the soil.

10 Ways to Improve Your Debt to Income Ratio

A recent news story showcased a couple for winning the biggest jackpot in European Lotto history. The couple has modest interest and intents for their new found wealth, but the most striking comment made was: “We have always lived within our means…” and that is step one to improving your DTI.

Homemade Garden Fungicides That Are Safe For People

Left unchecked, fungi can easily destroy crops and house plants. Commercial formulations contain ingredients that are unpronounceable by most people and can be highly toxic to people and pets. With a bit of knowledge, anyone can create homemade garden fungicides that are safe for people to use.

Self Evaluation Samplea For Nurses

Nursing evaluations are provided throughout a nurse’s educational career and most major employers administer job evaluations based on job performance, quality of care delivery and job satisfaction. Any self evaluation should include that criteria and future goal assessments of a personal nature.

Requirements To Become A Police Officer

Requirements to become a police officer vary from state to state, but the basics of training and education are standard across the board. There are age requirements that must be met and this is a physically demanding job that requires basic physical and weapons training in every state.

Best Time to Buy Stuff: Saving Money on Household Items

The average person spends more than needed on everyday household items when they don’t plan ahead and take advantage of seasonal sales, manufacturer discounts and promotions. Every business has a “loss leader” to get people into the store. Taking advantage of these is a very smart move.