Olivia Emisar

Freshmen Weight Gain: The Myths and Facts

Going away to college? The last thing you are considering is weight gain, but there is a rumor that just won’t die: “Freshmen gain 15 or more pounds in their first year of college.” Is it true? For some students it might be, but for the majority, keeping unwanted weight off is rarely a problem.

Sustainable Living: Tips & Best Practices

We can all do this, there is no excuse in today’s environment for not making the effort to conserve water or reduce the size of our landfills. Families with young children will find the biggest reasons to engage in sustainable practices and from their tiny hands, the biggest allies in recycling.

Learn about Plastic Biodegradable Packaging – and Who Uses It

All the world’s garbage ends up in landfills in third-world countries or at home. Plastic manufacturers are doing something about how plastic decomposes and other companies are making packaging from plant-based materials only. Consumers have a few choices available now and more coming in the future

10 Warning Signs of an Unhappy Employee

When employees are unhappy, productivity and the company’s reputation suffers. Some warning signs are more obvious than others, but once they become a pattern in combination with other habits, the manager needs to make changes to ensure the unhappiness does not become contagious and systemic.