Winston Smith

Google Docs Pricing: Should You Buy Google Docs For Your Business?

Keeping costs in line is important for all businesses and one way of doing this is to control spending on technology. You may think you simply have to buy Microsoft Office, but Google Docs pricing is quite competitive in many cases. Read on to learn more about whether this Google service is for you.

Stay Informed with the Best Investment Newsletters

Stock quotes, investment ads and other financial information is constantly bombarding you with ideas and data. What sources should you trust as you build your portfolio? Find suggestions for investment library and learn how to evaluate these sources.

How to Improve Video For iPads: Simple Tips

Skipped frames, audio problems, and glitches are extremely frustrating when you are trying to enjoy video on your iPad. Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to improve the reliability and quality of iPad video. Try these tips before going iHulk on your new tablet.

The Bottom Line on Socially Responsible Investing

Can you combine your ethical beliefs with the need to earn returns on your investments? The socially responsible investing methodology claims to offer this advantage. Read on to learn more about the principles behind this investment approach.

Why Forex is A Bad Investment Decision

Investing in a variety of different assets is one way of balancing risk against return. In addition to stocks, bonds and real estate, some people suggest including foreign currencies. Unfortunately, for many retail investors, Forex is a bad investment. Read on to learn more about this asset class.

Gmail For Schools: What Educators Need To Know

School administrators and teachers are under pressure to do more with less resources and provide innovative services. Making use of cheap or free technology is one way to respond to this pressure. Learn the right questions to ask to see if a free service can work in your schools.

Negatives of Investing in Fixed Indexed Annuity

The promise of an annuity is simple – put in a set amount of money and receive a stream of payments until you die. However, there are downsides to this type of investment such as a lack of flexibility if your financial needs change.